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43.4 x 47.3 in
acrylic on canvas

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The idyllic backwoods from Li Manjin’s childhood in her hometown village on the outskirts of Fujian. The sweet nostalgia of this painting rests as the perfect backdrop for Manjin’s signature thread-of-life overlay, a seemingly disruptive chaos of random winding string superimposed onto her images.

The motif was inspired by a time several years ago when Manjin found her sketchbook ruined by the nonchalant doodles of her toddler son. Her initial rage eventually dissipated into a thoughtful meditation, where Manjin pondered on an analogy between the lines and life itself. Random, superimposed, and giving unexpected structure to the otherwise perfect world in our plans, these lines have become as much a stylistic signature for Manjin as it has influenced her philosophical and spiritual development.

Dimensions 43.4 x 47.3 in
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